Phase 1 of the Lead Detect Prize was open to all entrants who met the eligibility criteria. Phase 2 is open exclusively to Phase 1 winners.

Phase 1

Challenge launch

November 14, 2023
Submissions opened and Phase 1 began.

Virtual information session

December 7, 2023
Phase 1 webinar was held covering challenge details.

Phase 1 submissions close

January 22, 2024
Eligible entrants submitted concept papers.

Phase 1 evaluation

January 23-February 23, 2024
Judges evaluated Phase 1 submissions.
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Phase 1 winner announcement

March 14, 2024
Five Phase 1 winners received an equal share of a $150,000 prize pool

Phase 2

Phase 2 accelerator begins

March 2024

Phase 1 winners are exclusively invited to join the Phase 2 virtual accelerator, which will include technical webinars from subject matter experts.

Phase 2 submission period ends

August 2024
Teams participating in Phase 2 will submit concept papers, with detailed designs and early evidence of solution performance.

Phase 2 evaluation

August-September 2024
Judges will evaluate Phase 2 submissions.

Phase 2 winner announcement

Late September 2024
Up to three Phase 2 winners will receive a share of a $850,000 prize pool.

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