Phase 1 winners

The Lead Detect Prize awarded five Phase 1 winners a $30,000 prize each for their advanced point-of-care blood lead test concepts. The Lead Detect Prize exclusively invited the Phase 1 winners to join Phase 2 of the challenge. Phase 2 teams are competing for up to $850,000 in Phase 2 prizes.

Advancing Blood Lead Analysis with FLUOREZYME Dual Amplification Strategy


Fluorezyme’s dual amplification strategy would use DNA and light to detect lead in whole blood with a device that would fit in a user’s hand.

Point-of-care test for lead in blood using DNAzyme and glucometer

GlucoSentient and UT Austin

The concept from GlucoSentient and UT Austin would adapt a blood glucose meter platform and use a DNAzyme sensor to detect lead in a blood sample.

Technological Advances in Electrochemical Blood Lead Detection at Point-of-care

Meridian Bioscience

Meridian Bioscience’s device would apply electrochemical sensors to detect lead by measuring the electrical current in a blood sample.

Quantitative Raman Spectroscopy for Lead in Blood

OndaVia, Inc

OndaVia’s solution would apply optical technology to detect the presence of lead using a distinctive fingerprint signature.

SensiLead: plug and play sensor for Blood Lead levels detection


SensiLead’s plug-and-play sensor would apply electrochemistry to detect lead and include a mobile app that would allow users to test and track results.

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